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August 2016

dharamkot mcloed ganj dharmsala mountain and forest in india, home of tibetan buddhism, tushita meditation center, and dali lama

“The Fog of Dharamkot”


“The Fog of Dharamkot” This painting came together as I was seeking spirituality in India. I was in Dharamsala to receive a teaching from the Dali Lama and to complete a Tibetan Buddhist…


“Rishikesh” Aug 2016


“Rishikesh” August 2016 While small (for India), Rishikesh is a pretty dense town, but right outside of the hustle and bustle lies gardens, forests, and mountains. This was the view from my guesthouse…


“Morning Birds of Poona”


“Morning Birds of Poona” July 29, 2016   I began working on this my first morning in India. I awoke to hear the huge and bizarre variety of birds amongst the greenery outside…

mundane conversation

“Mundane Conversation”


“Mundane Conversation” July 2016 Mundane comes from the Latin root “mundo,” meaning world. This painting (one of my favorites) represents the feeling of interacting with people completely conditioned by their culture from the…

Floral Sketch by Nature Artist in San Francisco Art Cafe

“Tulips in a Cup”


“Tulips in a Cup” July 2016 I sketched this in a little artist cafe in San Francisco. I realized my interest in depicting glass – it is like looking through a portal into…

Helix Nebula in Aquarius Cosmic Astrology Art by Astrologist Yona Brodeur

“Helix Nebula in Aquarius”

art, spirituality

“Helix Nebula in Aquarius” July 2016 I created this as I was preparing to travel to India to study astrology. I began with the silhouette and the DNA-type strands. When searching for a…

Nature Artist Yona Brodeur_Dead Trees in Colorado Landscape Painting

“Dead Trees in Colorado”


“Dead Trees in Colorado” June 2016 This was painted during the preparation stages for my next world travel adventure. I reflected on greenery as a symbol of love (like the green heart chakra)….

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