Move out of America if Trump wins
I feel compelled to share the sobering perspective that has cued my (likely permanent) departure from America and offer recommendations for establishing a life abroad.
Let’s dive in…

Our Government

the president is a frontman for corrupt corporations
Credit: The Free Thought Project
We need to take an honest look at the face of America. Let’s talk about the way our “democracy” works. We must understand that American democracy has died long ago. Two people dance in front of us for a year to make us believe that we have a choice, but that is a sad attempt to fool the masses. The true nature of our government is a corporatocracy. In the last several elections, the same corporations financed the campaigns of both of the major candidates – Monsanto, GE, Shell, BP, Coca-Cola, etc. Whichever “president” won, the same companies would maintain all of the power. They are the ones truly pulling the strings of what happens in the world. One party might support abortion while another supports gay marriage, but those issues keep us preoccupied while two-thirds of our population is obese, when oil companies control our government, when we are on the brink of environmental catastrophe, when our food system is being poisoned by the same company that produced Agent Orange.

“The true nature of our government is a corporatocracy.”

Hillary is financed by the same candidates which is why she is the Democratic candidate rather than Bernie. Bernie knew he wouldn’t win. The system (which is not even close to a democracy) would never let that happen. And Trump is from Wall Street, one of the first candidates coming directly from the financial rather than political sector so he obviously has agendas to manipulate presidential power.
american democracy is dead. American corporatocracy
We now live in a corporatocracy (aka “corporate feudalism”)
rather than a democracy Credit:
So let’s think about what life is like under a corporatocracy (aka “corporate feudalism”) rather than a democracy. Large corporations have no interest in helping people. Their goal is to vacuum as much money as they can out of the people. You are like a cow in a factory farm to them. They already fatten most of us up with GMO corn and pump us full of pharmaceuticals just like they do to the cows. Why should we expect that we won’t be harvested too? They don’t care if you’re black or white, American or Guatemalan. They just want you to make money and to spend it and if you are working for them, to pay you as little as they possibly can without killing you. Your money is your meat. The snack food and beverage companies want to sell you the cheapest-to-make and most addictive products despite that they are poisoning you and making you obese. The pharmaceutical companies want you to be unhappy and obese to sell you antidepressants and diabetes medication (and to keep you reliant on the health care system so that you are forever dependent upon your job). And they all want you to be stupid and isolated so you don’t have the intelligence or community power to live outside of the soul-breaking lines they draw for you, even if that means making higher education unattainable or literally turning your brain into a rock by pumping fluoride into your water.

“we are still looking away because we are conditioned to take the comfortable route”

College is an expensive scam
Graduates are getting the jobs or the salaries
they expected. Credit:
Right now, things are getting really bad but we are still looking away because we are conditioned to take the comfortable route rather than to challenge the beast of the American (Human-Harvesting) system. So we watch Netflix, wrap ourselves up in personal drama, or play PokemonGo while our rights get stripped away and the government is becoming more totalitarian. They will get worse. Has anyone noticed how militaristic the police are becoming? They can now break the law to enforce the law – that means shooting you for something as simple as resisting arrest (even if they had no reason to arrest you). Recent graduates – I know you were not initially pleased with life after college. Those high paying jobs and those great positions we were promised that incentivized us to go into debt and spend years of our life getting a degree just happened to not be there when we graduated. From someone who has traveled internationally and looked for virtual work, I became aware of how overpriced we are in a global market. People in developing countries can do pretty much anything we can do for a fraction of the pay. In a continually virtual, competitive, and global world, we are not the ones in demand and we probably never will be again. I don’t know how unemployment couldn’t rise in the US. Oh, and did anyone hear about the 300 drone strikes the Obama administration permitted upon suspected (not proven) terrorists on US soil? He’s saying that drone strikes aren’t happening in the US though. The list goes on.
What happens after America Collapses
The American Dream has become a nightmare.
And it will get worse. How could it not? We aren’t doing anything to fix it. Meanwhile the capitalistic (or rather oligargic) system is currently stagnating, soon to majorly decline. When the corporations (read current government) is stressed at the face of it’s collapse, it will do anything to survive, including use all of its human resources (that means you). Expect work to become more demanding and less profitable (unless maybe you are in Silicon Valley). Expect the prices of everything to rise, especially food. Expect that one by one your friends will become homeless and maybe one day you will be too. And remember that if you try to fight the system, suggest alternatives to the system, live in the system’s territory without paying the system (off-gridding), you are an enemy to the system. And the system is watching you through your phone. Everything you Google is handed over to the government – you signed that right over when you downloaded PokemonGo. Flash forward a decade (less if Trump wins) and maybe that intentional community or permaculture garden you are trying to start with your friends in the woods is struck my a drone because you are a suspected terrorist. Let’s be honest with ourselves – the corporatocracy doesn’t want alternatives to thrive. That gives people less faith in the system, more hope in alternatives, more power, more options. The system doesn’t want that and our rights are already giving them the power to kill us like unchecked dictators.

Our Economy

American economy capitalism is cancer
Our global economy is built on growth for the sake of growth, just like cancer. If it stops growing for too long, it collapses. Our cancerous growth will make the earth inhabitable if we don’t stop soon. It might actually be too late already given the amount of CO2 stored in the oceans waiting to release. But who can expect the economy to self regulate. Cancer doesn’t stop growing because it is about to kill its host and therefore kill itself. No, it ignorantly trucks along until all is dead. The economy can be expected to do the same. And corporations own the government so there will be no legitimate regulations to halt the cancer.
workaway work trade. University and career alternative
From my workaway (work-trade) experience in a
permaculture garden. Sustainable and off grid.
I personally feel guilty living in America because I am inevitably contributing to the American economy by buying things in America or paying taxes to the war-crazed and corrupt American government. That equals feeding the cancer. We must understand that the only possible way to not destroy the earth in the little time we have to make a difference is to do what we can to stop feeding the American cancer (economy). For people who won’t leave the US, that means spending as little money as possible, especially into large corporations, and instead growing your own food, eating in rather than at restaurants, trading things with neighbors rather than buying. That is radical sustainability because that is the way to live in the world that will come after our financial system collapses (hoping it will before it kills us all). For those interested in traveling out of the US, consider moving to countries that have sustainability as a value or at least can be influenced to be more sustainable. I am thinking Europe and South America are the places for this. When you stop feeding the cancer, the cancer has that much less power.

“it will be like the Great Depression and Hurricane Katrina at the same time, but worse.”

Furthermore, our economy should have a recession every 4-6 years. It has been 8 years since the last recession. That’s because we have been trying to fix a car accident with bandaids. The wounds are too deep to truly heal and the blood will start to pour soon. I’d say expect this fall. Global finance is in a whirlwind – austerity measures in the EU, Brexit, Yuan readjustment after China’s shady accounting, Brazil’s never-ending recession. We’re gonna get ours and get it soon. As a friend said, “it will be like the Great Depression and Hurricane Katrina at the same time, but worse.” Get ready, because as I mentioned before, when our corporate government gets shocked, it’s not going to be friendly to us, well to those left in the US.
America is an empire. And it is collapsing. All empires collapse and it always happens in a similar fashion. The Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire, and now us. We get to watch it happen in our lifetime. And most likely China will take the crown next (which is a scary thought). Personally, I don’t care to be around in a collapsing empire. I imagine we will all be dead by the time the dying process is complete. Perhaps children in the future, if there is such a thing, will be able to build America into a renewed civilization (if China hasn’t moved in because of the better air quality). But in our lifetime, we will likely just see the slow, mean demise of an empire that has always been reliant on slaves (whether paid or unpaid) and must become a slave to itself before its final death.

Ok, Gloom and Doom is Over. Now the Fun Part!
Moving abroad. 

I’ve done it a few times and I’ve got some lessons to share.
Teach English in Thailand after graduation
Teaching English in Thailand
Teach English: If you have a degree, you can teach English nearly anywhere. Even if this isn’t what you want to do forever, it is a good way to get yourself to another country for an extended period of time while you figure out what you can do there.
start a trading business rather than university
While my sales were in America, I started a
business importing from artisans I met in
Thailand. This taught me about
international business.
Start a Company: You need to have a chunk of money to do this as countries have minimum investment and hiring requirements before they’ll issue a visa for this. But it is an option for later down the road if you decide to stay in America to make money while you still can or if you teach English abroad (although don’t expect to save much while teaching English).
Get a Master’s Degree: Germany offers almost free master’s degrees. If you have a master’s degree, especially in a highly specialized or technical field, you can much more easily obtain a work visa to most places in the world.
Buy land in South America: This is my current vision. You can get fertile land in South America quite inexpensively and have a garden and tiny house to live peacefully, very cheaply, and sustainably.
Work in Australia: This isn’t a perfect long-term solution (unless you get quite lucky) as they only offer 1 year work holiday visas to Americans, but they pay really well and they aren’t as pegged to the US or the US economy as other countries are.
Why not wait until the US collapses to move abroad? Because everyone will want to move abroad then and foreign jobs will therefore be far more competitive and foreign borders will be far tighter. It takes a while to find another country to live in and even longer to establish yourself in another country. You want to be well along that process before fleets of other Americans start saturating the same locations.
Best of luck!