For our consciousness to rise, we have to satisfy our chakras. Details about the chakras in an article I wrote or for a complete chakra blog.  When we move to a new place, which we do often when traveling, we have to start from the lowest chakra and work our way up.  I use blogging to help me do this and you could too.


Muladara (Root) Chakra of base needs
Image Cred: Hybrid Rasta Mama

There isn’t much Connection between the Root Chakra and Blogging

Almost immediately in a new place, you have to find a safe shelter and healthy food to initially satisfy your root chakra. Typically after a long journey, we are tired so a night’s sleep and several hours of waking rest as well as another one or two fulfilling meals are usually but not always necessary before we are ready to move upwards to the sacral chakra. At this consciousness, blogging doesn’t come into the picture.

Use Photo Editing to Satisfy the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra deals with pleasure. After we are secure in a new place, we likely will have a drink, a dessert, a massage, sex or some other pleasant luxury. This satisfies the sacral chakra.  For many people, the point of traveling is to satisfy (or overload) the sacral chakra. But truly, a few little luxuries are enough to satisfy this consciousness. As I am approaching the satiation of this consciousness, I get into my blogging mind, usually with pictures. I will start editing photos from the last place I travelled. A little work – applying basic filters. A little reward – beautiful pictures. The sacral chakra was after all developed as we historically evolved from fear-based amphibians into pleasure-seeking mammals. So a little work and little reward itch this scratch in our energy biology and creating nice photos is a simple and productive way to do this.

Take Advantage of the Solar Plexus by Using Social Media

Cosmic Cartoon Astrology Painting by American Travel Artist Yona Unbound

It’s time to share with the world. Full painting here.

The solar plexus deals with social relations and identity. Evolutionarily, this is the primate brain that requires social standing in the tribe. After we have enjoyed some pleasantries, we often start thinking about other people. If there are interesting people around or if we can go to a place with interesting, this might be when we strike up a conversation with them (often right after scratching the sacral itch with a drink).  However, I find it quite draining to try to make new friends in a place I will be in for less than 48 hours so I go to the blog. Often, this is when I will catch up with people as well, but given the time difference being on the other side of the world from most of my contacts, talking isn’t always an option. Fortunately we live in the age of social media and blogging. While it might seem shallow or artificial, I find that using social media is an effective way of feeling connected when we physically can’t be.  Usually at this consciousness, I feel compelled to share the photos I just edited or the writings I made at some point in the past on my Facebook or Instagram accounts.  Typically this consciousness only lasts a day which is why my social accounts usually explode and then silence. The solar plexus tends to activate the left brain, so when I do create content from this consciousness, it is often more goal-focused or practical, such as creating the page I made to offer astrology readings.

Let the Heart Chakra Guide and Inspire All of Your Activity

Next is the heart chakra. It is a blessing when I am in a place long enough to reach this consciousness, which is why I more and more prioritize staying in a place for some length of time.  When in the heart chakra, I usually just want to be around people.  Maybe if I have something really meaningful to share, I will write, but more often my craving for in person contact keeps me from my computer.  Fortunately, I am traveling with my boyfriend so there is an outlet to share my love. When I am traveling alone, I often swirl in my third chakra consciousness and become much more invested in social media. While heart energy doesn’t contribute its own part to the actual blog, it is the energy that inspires and guides the other energies to create and share content in a way that is true to myself.

Write Creative Blog Posts When Your Throat Chakra is Active

Yona Unbound Travel Blog Hanoi Green Mango Hotel

Stability and art museums inspire a lot of creative work in Hanoi

The creative throat chakra does most of the writing. I probably have an overactive throat chakra as many people, especially in the West, probably do. I could talk endlessly, but talking rarely goes as deep as writing (or painting) and it would drive the people around you insane.  While I enjoy expressing my creativity in a variety of ways, such as painting and dabbling in music, these art forms are so abstract that I find I am only inspired to work with them once I have really settled into a place. The in-between of working from the lower four chakras, but also not quite being ready for the higher chakras is writing. This is when I create my writings and also when I create my paintings. Having a blog gives me a platform to share these creations and thus a motivation to ascend to this level of consciousness. I can create knowing that I have a place to share what I am creating. The Virtual Tour of Hue’s Forbidden Empire post is a perfect example of a throat chakra-inspired blog. Read to the end to see why.

Inspiration from Your Third Eye Chakra can be Channeled into Your Blog

stupa, forest, town, area of mcloed ganj dharamsala for tushita meditation course intro to buddhism

Pagoda from Tushita Meditation Center. Review here.

My third eye chakra also inspires the blog. When I have higher realizations, rather than just observing them and keeping them to myself (and don’t get me wrong, it is often better to do just that), I can if I choose channel them into something useful for others. Many of my spirituality articles were inspired by Third Eye Chakra consciousness. 

Crown Chakra Consciousness is all about Sharing and Realizing Interconnectedness

My crown chakra, like my heart doesn’t contribute anything specific, but inspires me to create content that is beneficial to others and that might uplift the collective consciousness. 

What is the Nature of Blogging to Elevate Consciousness?

Travel Artist Yona Brodeur Romantic Winery Art in Napa Valley Wine Country

Let consciousness unfold naturally. Painting detail here.

I blog in a way that channels the different energies of human consciousness into something productive as they come. So I am not so controlling (and therefore not so strategic) in my method of blogging nor am I totally aimless.  I suppose I don’t necessarily blog as an active process, but rather I let consciousness unfold through blogging.

I hope this blog was useful and inspiring. Please comment with thoughts or questions below.

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