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If you’ve landed here, you are perhaps considering booking a Vedic astrology appointment with me. Here are the things you need to know:

Yona Brodeur:

Astrology Consultations on Love, Career, Life Path, Spirituality + Relationship in Ubud, Chiang Mai, Rishikesh

I started studying Western Astrology to more deeply understand my own chart, but saw many things that did not click.  When I came across Vedic Astrology, I was amazed at the accuracy and the predictive capabilities of this system.  For years, I analyzed the charts of friends and family.  Seeing how my readings inspired, empowered, and enlightened them encouraged me to open my astrology practice to the public.  With years of practice under my belt, I continue to study the endless literature on Vedic Astrology and have lived in India, the home of Vedic Astrology, to deepen my practice.

I recommend reading through What should I ask an astrologer? to gain insight into the sort of questions you could find answers to in an astrology reading.  I am confident enough that you will be pleased with our appointment that you can have your money back if you are are not satisfied.

Originally from Chicago, I now spend my time in places like Chiang Mai, Ubud, Rishikesh, and more. If I am not in your city when you would like a reading, we can communicate through phone, email, or video chat.

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Ubud, Rishikesh, Chiang Mai Astro Reading with Yona Unbound, Best Astrologer for Consultations on Love, Life Path, Spirituality, Relationship, CareerThe Appointment:

  1. Your Introduction: Contact me and let me know what sort of things you’d like to discuss in your appointment.  (If you don’t have any specific questions, that’s ok.  I can provide a sort a portrait of your soul and past life and give general advice about relationships, career, your spiritual path, etc.)  If you’d prefer to talk rather than email me this information, just let me know and we can set up a time to call. Let me know in your message how you would like the appointment conducted – over the phone, over Skype, or written in an email.
  2. Payment: Send at the time of your intro message for a quicker appointment time (see how below).
  3. Scheduling: I will send you a set of times that I will be available.  You can select which of these times will work for you.
  4. Appointment: In the appointment, I will address the questions you sent me in the original message. You will have time to ask any other questions that arise during or after the reading.

Appointment Rates:

Astrology Reading Rates

1 Hour Appointment (phone, Skype, in-person, email):    $30
Individual questions:                                                      Varies


2-3 Appointments:  10% off
4-5 Appointments:  20% off
6+ Appointments:   30% off
Discounts are offered for booking multiple sessions. So if you and a friend decide to each get a one hour session, you both get a discount if you book together.  You would get the same discount by booking 2 1-hour sessions for yourself that could be redeemed at any time.
Questions will pop up for you weeks, months, and years after our first session.  You can send me a question, and I will let you know how much an answer will cost. The price will be based on the amount of time and research necessary to answer it.  If you have several questions, you can always book another hour long session.

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Appointments are held after the payment has been received. Fortunately, there are a variety of easy ways to quickly send your payment:
  1. Venmo (recommended) – link your bank account to this mobile app and transfer money to @Yona-Brodeur for free.
  2. Chase QuickPay – send money by email for free. Ask if interested.
  3. Check – send me clear photos of a check by email (front and back).
  4. Credit Card – provide your credit card information either by phone or message. There will be a 3.5% fee for this option.
  5. Bitcoin – let me know this is your preference and I will send you a link to my Bitcoin wallet.
Vedic Astrology Reading in Ubud Bali, Affordable Astro Consultation with Vedic Astrologer

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