Alaskan Artist Alcoholism Alaska Art Nature Spiritual Art Crystal Art Yona Brodeur
“Glass on a Windowsill” May 2016
Alaska has majestic natural scenery. Due to the extreme weather though, one must observe it primarily from indoors. This was a typical view from my room in Old Harbor on Kodiak Island.

The manufactured structure of a window so often remains between an Alaskan habitant and nature. 

Similarly manmade structure of society, regulations, and culture keep one removed from one’s true nature.

Many turn to alcohol to cope with the cruelties of the environment and the strained people in Alaska. I put the glass between the amethyst (for third eye chakra) and the (for throat chakra) to indicate the purposeful severance from intuition I achieved through drinking in Alaska.

To hear intuition in this place would have forced me to leave. But I felt obliged to accomplish certain things before departing so I sometimes drank to drain the energy that would otherwise become mentally self-destructive. I was faced with the choice to harm my body or my mind. I chose my body for the few months of Alaska.

Beneath the pleasant and balanced painting, beneath my pleasant and balanced demeanor in Alaska hides a message of self-destruction and unhealthy coping.

Spiritual Alaskan Artist Crystal Art in Nature Painting - Amethyst Third Eye Chakra Art
Detail of Amethyst, Crystal for Third Eye Chakra
Alcoholism in Alaska Art Painting of a Glass, Crystal, and Cranberries
Detail of Glass
Crystal for Throat Chakra Art - Spiritual New Age Artist Yona Brodeur
Detail of Throat Chakra Crystal
Kodiak Alaska Art Landscape Painting - Nature Artist Yona Brodeur
Detail of Landscape in the Background

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