Helix Nebula in Aquarius Cosmic Astrology Art by Astrologist Yona Brodeur
“Helix Nebula in Aquarius” July 2016

I created this as I was preparing to travel to India to study astrology. I began with the silhouette and the DNA-type strands. When searching for a celestial phenomenon to incorporate, I fortunately came across the Helix Nebula (which matched the DNA design) and which happens to be in the Aquarius constellation (which is my moon sign). This painting suggests the cosmic design that influences our human and spiritual lives.

Yona Brodeur_Astrology Artwork for Aquarius Eye of God Helix Nebula for Sale
Helix Nebula Artwork Eye of God Painting Aquarian Artwork by Cosmic Artist Yona Brodeur
Yona Brodeur_Genetic Reincarnation Astrological Artwork Helix Nebula Painting

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