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Health Benefits of Drinking Clean Natural Artesian Spring Water Manitou Springs Colorado

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I made the pilgrimage to Manitou Springs this weekend, one of Colorado’s sources of mineral spring water.  My mission was to stock up on natural water that our bodies evolved to process.

What’s Wrong With Tap (and Many Bottled Waters)?

Water structures and clumps.  The way in which it structures and clumps effects your body’s ability to use it.

Tap Water is Poorly Structured

“Water may actually be more like liquid crystal” than a simple fluid” (Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT, author of Primal Body, Primal Mind).  Molecules of H2O form into crystalline structures that operate like batteries to charge your cells. Water is well “structured” through exposure to UV or inferred light. Well-structured water is more efficiently absorbed into your cells.  Given that we are roughly 70% water, our human bodies are in essence crystalline.  Honor the essence of your crystalline body by consuming water that molecularly syncs with your cells.

Contaminants in Tap Water Overly Clump Water Molecules

While we may think water is a bunch of independent H2O molecules, H2O is only the smallest unit found in water.  We are actually drinking groups of perhaps 20 or 30+ clumped H2O molecules (20-H2O or 30+-H2O) in tap water.  In nature, water clumps to 5 or 6 molecules of H2O (5-H2O or 6-H2O).  The reason for such high clumping in many of our water sources is that tap water and many bottled waters contain fluoride, chlorine, and potentially a series of other contaminants.  These chemicals have a host of toxic effects on our bodies, but we will focus on how they effect water.  These contaminants force water molecules to stick together. Also problematic are commercially processed teas and juices, as they also clump water molecules.Overly clumped water is problematic because it does not hydrate our cells as efficiently.  We were drinking less clumped (5-H2O to 6-H2O) water for 99.9% of our evolution so our bodies are not adept to absorbing such “thick” water.  You may be drinking your 8 cups of water daily, but if this water is too thick to absorb into your cells, you will still find yourself quite dehydrated.

Tap Water is Deficient in Minerals

Our bodies evolved to consume minerals like alkali, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and more through water sources.  Typical tap water does not contain these minerals, but includes contaminants like fluoride and chlorine.

Poor Quality Water Can Lead to Dehydration

If you are drinking plenty of water, but it is structured in a way our bodies don’t recognize, overly clumped, and contaminated, you will still likely to deal with dehydration.  Here are the side effects of dehydration:•   anxiety•   asthma + allergies•   depression•   excess body weight + false hunger•   fatigue + difficulty thinking clearly•   high blood pressure + high cholesterol levels•   indigestion + constipation•   pain nearly anywhere in your body•   stress + irritability

Why is Water from Minerals Springs Healthier?

Nutrition and Chemistry of Spring Water vs Bottled Water vs Mineral Water

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Simple wells pump water from springs that have completed the natural cycle of water – absorbing minerals from rocks and being structured by UV light. There are 4 main benefits to drinking water from mineral springs:

  1. The water is structured by UV light, which more efficiently energizes our cells.
  2. The molecules are 5-H2O or 6-H2O rather than 20+-H2O, meaning they are more easily absorbed by our cells
  3. They contain minerals our bodies evolved to frequently consume, minerals which are often deficient in our modern diet.
  4. They aren’t contaminated by fluoride, chlorine, and other toxins which are present in most other sources of water.

Bonus: The Lifecycle of Water from an Artesian Well – What We Drank for 99.9% of our Evolution

Drink Mineral Water from Artestian Wells for Better Health

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Heat and dryness caused from the sun would pull water molecules up through the skies.  Their journey to the clouds would separate them into smaller groups of H2O molecules and allow UV light to structure them.  Those molecules would form a loose connection of H2O molecules that we know as clouds.Clouds (also exposed to UV light) might crash into a mountain.  The humidity from the clouds would either concentrate and turn into water or freeze as snow (which would eventually melt into water).  That water would trickle down a mountain, picking up vital minerals from the rocks it passed.  All the while, UV rays would continue structuring the water.  Eventually, the “micro-structured” water chalked full of vital minerals flows into a stream, where we can sustainably extract it with simple wells.

What You Need to Know About Getting Mineral Spring Water

  • It simple and cheap (usually free)
  • You can find a mineral spring near you by visiting com
  • You should make the water pilgrimage with a large supply of empty containers so that you have plenty of water after returning home

If You Can’t Get Mineral Spring Water…

  • Boil your water to get rid of any toxins that will evaporate with boiling.  Boiling may also break some some of the bonds causing overly structured water. This is better than unboiled water, but you can take it a step further:
  • Put your water (preferably boiled) in a glass container and leave it out in the sun for UV structuring. Use glass as plastic and metals left in the sun may contaminate your water.
  • You could also cool water on a pan to 39°F. The combo of low temperature and surface area could also help it structure in a more natural way.  Note that this doesn’t contradict with structuring from the sun because it is the UV wavelengths, not the heat which structure your water.
  • Get a Berkey Water Filtration System to filter out harsh contaminants like fluoride and chlorine.
  • Choose to refill jugs with ionized or alkaline water refill stations when possible, found at many health food stores.

  • Avoid most consumer beverages, especially those with added sugar, caffeine, or any synthetic additives (high fructose corn syrup, Sucralose, etc).

Note that Water from Artesian Wells Typically Provides Similar Benefits

Source: Primal Body, Primal Mind

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